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Community Thank you!

Photo of Bryon Meyer and some of his staff from “Land Mechanics” who
graciously trimmed all 49 pepper trees at the Arena.  We are fortunate and truly appreciate his generosity and hope that when someone needs any kind of Landscaping and design, that they will think of Bryon and call “Land Mechanics”  at 714-393-1802 tell him you heard about his company on the OPA-ETC website.



Annual Report to Orange City Council

OPA-ETC City Council Presentation

June 24th, 2013

Alice Sorenson, OPA-ETC Board Member and new Chair, presented a Report to the City Council as an Informational Item on their regular Board Agenda.  Accomplishments for 2012 were highlighted and included the re-building of the Mara Brandman Arena, our first season of Horse Shows and Gymkhanas, and the addition of a new equestrian event for OPA – Arena Cattle Sorting!  Expanded programs for the 2013 Season were outlined.  The Report also described the addition of Night Lighting in April 2013 thanks to a generous donation from the Frank Sanchez Family in Silverado in honor of their mother, Ana.

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